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03 Jul 2011

This pop-porn will ruin a whole generation

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By Mike Stocke The recent final of Britain’s Got Talent was broadcast on a Saturday evening, featured two finalists who were 11 and 12 years old, and was watched by millions of children of about the same age or even younger. Yet the producers still thought it appropriate that the guest-star Nicole Scherzinger, formerly of the ...

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20 Jan 2010

Youth Spend over 7 Hours a Day on TV, Video Games and Computers

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Media are a full-time job plus overtime for children 8 to 18, a Kaiser report says. They devote 53 hours a week to those pursuits, an hour and 17 minutes more than five years ago. LA Times By Bonnie Miller Rubin Reporting from Chicago - The amount of time young people spend consuming media has ballooned with ...

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