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10 Sep 2011

What’s The Leading Cause Of Poor Record Sales

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What's The Leading Cause Of Poor Record Sales? By Rizoh ‚ÄčLast week, the music world laughed up a hiccup as Lil Wayne pranced around the VMA stage in nut-suffocating, Le Tigre-inspired jeggings. While that performance affirmed that Wayne is no fashion guru, his chart performance a week later reminded us that he's very good at something else-selling ...

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03 Feb 2010

Music sales nose-dive in the past decade

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The business model for the record industry has left them behind. Bad music with a new world of digital and social media spell trouble. Paul Porter Industry ears Music sales took nose-dive in past decade By Kim Hart The music industry's sales have been chopped in half over the past decade, due to changing consumer tastes and business models. A report ...

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