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06 May 2013

Industry Ears talks to CNN about Mountain Dew ad and Lil Wayne

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31 Mar 2013

Radio Station Pulls Rick Ross and Lil Wayne from Rotation

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The questions have been asked, Is Hip Hop Music Destroying America, Is Hip Hop A Threat To Our Children or Should Rappers Be Accountable For Their Lyrics? You be the judge. Earlier this year the song “Karate Chop” leaked online featuring rapper Lil Wayne. He raps, “Bout to put rims on my skateboard ...

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16 Jan 2013

Coalition Announces End to “All My Babies Mamas” Oxygen Show

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PTC Applauds Coalition of Activists for Successful End to Oxygen’s “All My Babies’ Mamas” LOS ANGELES (January 16, 2013) – Today the Parents Television Council hailed the decision by the Oxygen cable network to halt further development of “All My Babies’ Mamas”. The reality program was being developed by the NBCUniversal-owned cable network ...

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27 Jun 2012

Cheif Keef & Interscope Records: The Gangsters of Gangsta Rap

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By Paul Porter @IndustryEars It would be easy this time to point the finger at Interscope's newly signed rapper Chief Keef. The 17-year-old from the mean streets of Chicago, raps about: gangs, guns, drugs and violence – all the typical ingredient's for today’s rap songs. But Chief Keef is really living what he’s rapping, last December he was under ...

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