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20 Dec 2010

Clear Channel spends $1.29 million on lobbying in third quarter

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Clear Channel spends $1.29 million on lobbying in third quarter Clear Channel's lobbying efforts were focused on "tax incentives and loan guarantees that encourage the diversity of telecommunications business ownerships," as well as against the Performance Rights plan to have stations pay artists to play their music. Clear Channel also lobbied against the FCC reinstating the ...

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01 Mar 2010

Do You Really Support Recording Artist?

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During Grammy week, more than 20 artists signed a statement encouraging Congress to pass the controversial Performance Rights Act (PRA), a bill that would require radio to pay royalties to musicians for playing their songs. Artists who signed the statement during Grammy Week included Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, ...

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20 Nov 2009

Fixing the music royalties system

Listed under: News,0,6966332.story Editorial Fixing the music royalties system Songwriters get royalties but not recording artists. Bills now being considered should pay performers fairly, protect against abuses by powerful industry players and promote the availability of music. November 20, 2009 The founders gave Congress the power to bestow on authors and inventors exclusive rights to the use of their work, and those ...

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06 Sep 2009

Radio Royalty Debate: HipHopDX

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Radio Royalty Debate Catches Attention Of Activists September 03, 2009 | Krysten Hughes Community activists, artists and big business broadcasters across the nation are battling it out, divided about the controversial issue of royalties paid out to performers and recording owners. HR 848, also known as the infamous Performance Rights Act, established by Congressman John Conyers, is ...

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