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02 Feb 2010

Obama’s unclear on “Small Business”

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Obama's Proposed "Small Business" Initiative Lacks Audacity (and Focus) By Chris Rabb Originally published on The Huffington Post You wouldn't have guessed it from listening to President Obama's State of the Union address, but small and/or new businesses aren't really the types of enterprises that need our recirculated stimulus money the most. Mature businesses do. Specifically, established businesses that cannot ...

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29 Oct 2009

Zogby Poll Falsely States: ‘FCC to Force Good White People’ Out for ‘African-Americans and Gays’

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October 28, 2009 (ChattahBox)—Conservative right-wing author Brad O’Leary, who heads PM Direct Marketing and is promoting his new book, “Shut Up America–The End of Free Speech,” co-authored a poll with Zogby, filled with misleading questions and false statements that could have been written by Glenn Beck. Not surprisingly, O’Leary is a frequent guest on Fox ...

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