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11 Sep 2012

UnSung, UnShaken, And UnCompensated: The Plight of The African American Musicians

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I will be moderating the following panel session at the Congressional Black Caucus It is undeniable that music has been a bedrock component of African American culture. African Americans have excelled at creating and performing popular forms and styles of music, and these contributions are deeply woven into our nation’s rich musical history. Currently, African American consumers and households are ...

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31 Jan 2010

Net Neutrality debate heats up

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Why Are Some Civil Rights Groups and Leaders On the Wrong Side of Net Neutrality? James Rucker It's said that politics creates strange bedfellows. I was reminded how true this can be when I traveled to D.C. in recent weeks to figure out why several advocacy groups and legislators with histories of advocating for minority interests are ...

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