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CC Stations Adopt Shared Music Programming
17 stations in four formats ID’d as musical carbon copies
By Paul Heine
Radio and Records

The music on pockets of Clear Channel stations in multiple formats is now being programmed from a central source, according to research conducted by R&R chart managers using monitored airplay data provided by Nielsen BDS.

The company’s CHR/top 40 stations in Albany, N.Y.; Dayton; Lexington, Ky.; Louisville; and Rochester, N.Y., are airing virtually identical music programming outside of morning drive. (Each of the five stations carries “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” in middays and either Premiere Radio Networks-syndicated Elvis Duran or WNCI/Columbus-based Dave & Jimmy in morning drive.) At AC, a total of six stations — in Beaumont, Texas; Columbus, Ga.; El Paso; Fresno; Springfield, Mo.; and Syracuse — are musical carbon copies, apart from occasional fill songs, request features or different night-time programming. Three hot ACs (in Fresno, Providence and Sacramento) musically match up 24/7, while two alternative stations (Albany, N.Y., and Oklahoma City) and one rock station (Beaumont, Texas) are musically identical outside of morning drive.

The company’s Premium Choice initiative, which was announced April 15 by Clear Channel Radio president/CEO John Hogan, distributes programming featuring the broadcaster’s top on-air personalities, as well as pre-programmed music logs, designed to air on multiple stations. The talent and music logs are available to local stations to pick up on a voluntary basis, according to the company. Local program directors add weather, traffic, news, promos and other local content. Clear Channel officials wouldn’t comment on how extensively the company would use Premium Choice.

According to sources, CHR/top 40 Premium Choice music logs are programmed by KIIS-FM/Los Angeles PD John Ivey and Clear Channel/Pittsburgh OM Alex Tear, AC logs are generated by WLTW/New York PD Chris Conley and hot AC logs by WLIT/Chicago PD Tony Coles.

A total of 17 stations are affected, all of which have been dropped from R&R’s chart panels due to chart policy regarding stations that carry syndicated or identical programming throughout most of the day.

“R&R has longstanding policies regarding the inclusion of syndicated networks on our spin-based chart panels, as well as the amount of non-local programming that reporting stations air,” director of charts Silvio Pietroluongo says. “We continue to monitor the extent of identical music programming on our reporting Clear Channel stations and will make adjustments to the respective panels as necessary.”