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While BET and Rihanna are defending the “Man Down” video.
The facts regarding BET’s Standards and Practices are clear that the goal post have moved simply to secure BET Award show talent.


BET did not play Rihanna’s Russian Roulette or S&M videos.

BET Standards and Practices did not view “Man Down” before the BET exclusive premier.

MTV the Viacom sister network still have not made a decision on “Man Down”? ! And are still “reviewing”

Rihanna was nominated for 4 BET Awards for this upcoming BET Awards show. While none of Rihanna videos are in the top 50 in 2011 for airplay, BET cut a deal to support this video solely for a performance at this years BET Award show. The two spins Rihanna received this week on BET for “Man Down” were the first for her current CD “Loud” in 2011.

While we all agree rape is a terrible crime “Man Down” makes no positive reference for rape victims except vigilante justice. BET did not air a disclaimer or any information before or after airing “Man Down”.

The truth is this is simply about securing talent for BET’s largest broadcast day of the year the BET Awards.