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18 Mar 2011

Snoop’s Choice to Pimp Poison

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Snopp Dog’s Choice to Pimp Poison

Life is a series of choices. Colt 45, for decades has chosen to target minorities with it’s poisonous low budget malt liqours. Without a whisper, low income bodies are fueled low income liquor. Colt’s “Blast” is the latest 12% alcohol, with ‘healthy” real fruit mix targeted for the low income urban consumer. No suprise it has a multitude of fruity colors and a hip hop icon swooping through the urban market place. No suprise the Pabst, executives that endorse it won’t drink it. And no suprise that Snoop Dog is the face that will endorse the multi million dollar marketing campaign.

African Americans continue to have the corporate bulls eye directed at them, alcohol in it’s cheapest form is toxic but legal. While Snoop has made the choice to endorse it the larger problem continues to be hearing the voices that oppose Colt 45’s invasion of the hood. While the CNN’s of the world voice the disgust of mainstream energy drinks, toxic Malt liquors continue to receive a pass.

Luckily Snoop Dog, decided to wear the corporate badge of “Blast” and Colt 45 and maybe mainstream media will choose to make this a story that is bigger then malt liquor . Maybe just one news organization or television host will ask Snopp, about the obvious health concerns for African Americans that cheap liquors create. Nate Dogg, the King of the Hip Hop Hooks, passed earlier this week at the young age of 41. Snoop and Nate created music history and were best of friends shaping hip hop and then pop culture. Was it a lifestyle that caused Nate’s early demise?

Hopefully, just one face of the hip hop culture will become the face of social change, education or maintaining good health. The “Gin and Juice” days for Snoop were the defining days of his rise to stardom. The question is will the new “7” pack of Blast Malt Liquor be his legacy?

Paul Porter

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