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03 Feb 2010

Mary J Blige Signs on for HR 848

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Mary J. Blige and Dave Matthews For the Performance Rights Act

During the Grammy awards, two dozen recording artists signed a petition encouraging Congress to pass the Performance Rights Act, also known as HR 848. The PRA would require radio stations to pay royalties to singers in addition to the songwriters who already get paid.

Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews, Josh Groban, Fergie and Mary J. Blige are among the singers who signed the petition.

Cathy Hughes the Founder of Radio One has broadcast over 10,000 spots over the past eight months calling HR 848 a tax. Every hour on 53 stations across the country the two minute plus have threatened artist and key members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Satellite radio, internet radio and cable TV music channels are already required to compensate performers.

Many artist have been in fear of losing airplay if they voiced their support. Hopefully Congress will pass HR 848 into law, because hearing another Cathy Hughes commercial might end black radio by itself.

Paul Porter
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