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Juan Williams and Free Speech: Give Me A Break

The poor, disenchanted and people of color rarely get a minute on air to discuss the continual problems that the masses face. Fox News hired Williams for a reason. Networks pick their guest and analyst more for what they won’t say. For 10 years Juan Williams has been merely a soft voice of color that has effectively driven between the white lines of Fox News. While his tenure at NPR has come under fire of late due to his connection with Fox, his firing there is also a example of control.

The truth is obvious. Earlier this week, MSNBC did a poll on President Obama’s approval rating. Chuck Todd made it a point to break the poll down solely based on color. The MSNBC graphic showed the Obama rating with Whites only as if Blacks and Hispanics should not count. The networks continue to to choose the path that America follows. Hopefully the story on Juan Williams makes you read between the lines.

Paul Porter