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CNN Kid’s and Race: Can’t be Trusted

Is it me or has cable news become a mix of pundits and corporate partners? CNN and the AC 360 series on “Kid’s and Race” is a prime example of why race will always be an issue. Same old questions with the hand picked experts giving the same old answers. Maybe the most trusted name in news can’t be trusted. Last month Don Lemon did a feature on Black radio deejays comparing them to civil rights leaders. Duh. Obviously Don or his producers don’t listen to Black radio or someone at CNN would have caught that huge error.

Any clear look at media can see the snow balling problem of consistent negative imagery on all levels. Kid’s continue to be targeted early. Have you ever seen a white hip hop executive or the CEO of a radio group that targets kids with misogyny, sex and hate? Black kids and adults get a steady diet of buffoonery on cable that are rated S for stupid. BET and Tyler Perry’s TBS shows are a prime example. Your guaranteed to see a black face in trouble on the local news. Guaranteed not to see positive images of people of color in a features just like the “AC 360 Kids and Race” segments.

The folks that green light the efforts never get asked the tough questions. Have you ever heard of Jimmy Iovine or Lyor Cohen? But for the past fifteen years Jay Z and Diddy are music’s big moguls.

The truth is the faces behind the camera remain the same so expect much more of the same. Stories on race and media will never make cable news but I am sure that cable news will continue to act like the only illegal immigrants in the US or Mexican. Have you seen any report on illegal whites?

CNN’s “Black In America 3” promos should start soon. Maybe should start a reality news show with real people sharing real problems and answers. I forgot they did give DL Hughley a show.

Paul Porter

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