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10 Aug 2009

Are you sipping the kool-aid on HR 848?

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Black America, continues to enjoy a steady diet of negative imaging and misinformation. Unfortunately, it’s getting worse. The once trusted radio is now the messenger for corporate America, misguiding listeners on HR 848, The Performance Rights Act.

HR 848, when examined is simply a civil rights issue that would allow performers to be paid royalities for airplay. Try rebroadcasting your local radio station on the web, eliminate the commercials and post your own banner adds. I guarantee you corporate America would track you down, faster then the LA police caught OJ.

Broadcasters, continue to frame it as the end of Black radio with an on air array of one sided biased commercials. Imagine if radio cared enough to air information that would empower listeners. The Black community has plenty of real problems in hundreds of cities nationwide that continue to miss the much needed scrutiny that the radio and television airwaves could deliver.
We all must do a better job of questioning the messengers, while radio continues to shove sex, misogyny and a street first inspired culture down the throats of millions of children daily…

Maybe it’s time for us all to start questioning the source.

Paul Porter

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